Report 12/12/14

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Report 12/12/14

Post by subeditor » Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:51 pm

Fishing & Lake Report 10/12/14
Current discharge: 2590 ML per day.
Water level current: 73.8 %
Current inflow: 10700 ML per day.
Water level: 03/12/14 71.9 %
Water visibility: up to 2 metres
Rain this week: 55 mm
Forecast Weather: 10 to 20 mm rain for Today, 1 to 5mm for Thursday, Sunny for the weekend with top temps of 26 degrees.
Full Moon = December 6thth New Moon = December 22nd Water Temperature: 23 deg

Murray Cod: What a week we have had another 12 cod over a metre since last week’s report. Rhys Creed from Wagga topped the class with a 123cm & a 118 cm fish during his trip on Monday. No photo yet. The count so far 2 @ 1000, 2 @ 101, 2 @ 102, 105, 110, 112, 115. There were also many fish over 75cm caught and released. The cod were caught mostly in the main basin & Goodradigbee River. Although most were keeping the location under their hat. Trolling or casting large spinner baits & trolling big lures such as 150 & 120 AC Invaders did the trick although a 102 cm cod was taken on a purple Jackall. All these fish caught despite Saturday’s full moon fishing being a washout with 38 mm of rain falling over night. Fish were caught both during the day and night. I have posted some of the fish photos on our Burrinjuck Waters State Park Facebook page.

Yellow Belly: reports were quieter this week with most fishermen pulling out the big gear they have had tucked away for 3 months. There were some fish caught on the troll but most were chasing the yellows in the trees with shrimp and small yabbies. There were again some big fish caught. Scott managed a 58 & 53 cm fish on bait around Wade Island. There have been a lot of big yellows come out of the Goodradigbee so far this season.
Redfin: Still no reports of any big numbers being caught. The odd fish is being picked up as a bye catch on the troll.
Carp: Still taking lures, they seem to like cast Jackalls at the moment.
Park News: We now have 4 ensuites available this week due to a group cancellation. The office will be closed on Christmas day however entry to the park will still be available via the after hrs forms at the front door. Bring $10.00 to put in the envelope for day visits or fill out the form and leave in the box if you are staying overnight.

Dean Brind, Manager Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park.

Dean Brind
Manager Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park
Ph: 02 62278114
Lure casters have been nailing some of the bruiser cod this waterway is famous for too.
Some massive cod have been taken in the lake recently!

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