Report 14/12/15

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Report 14/12/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:59 am

The big snapper are in! Those big black and blue nosed snapper have well and truly entered corner inlet, especially last week when there was a mass of captures. We are taking fish anywhere from 4Kg to 9kg but lots of 5 and 6kg models. The Franklin Channel and the Entrance have been the standard locations for the snapper and definitely the run in tide has been the best, especially if you are fishing half way through the tide (that last 2 hours of the run in tide seems to be the go) and again the last 2 hours of the run out has been pretty good as well. Maybe try fishing a bit deeper on the run though (maybe 21m to 32m). Big baits have been good! Whole pilchards, whole squid heads, silver whiting, big bonito fillets, big salmon fillets and i have found that a running sinker rig has been the standout for the snapper! Don't stuff around with your sinkers either...Just use big sinkers straight up as the snapper have been biting when there's till its just starting to ease up a bit.

The gummies are everywhere as well, the entrance form buoy 2 all the way into Singapore Deep is fishing great especially in that 13m+ depth of water. Use fresh baits if you can but some guys have been smashing the gummies with pilchards. Paternoster rigs have been good on the gummies as well.

Squid have been hit and miss, some days have been good, others not, you really need good conditions this year for the squid.

OFFSHORE! Everything is here now, bronzies, makos, kingies, big Flathead, pinkies everywhere! Drift with your paternoster rigs and you can't go wrong. Ive been doing a bit of micro jigging with Storm Koika Jigs, it's been awesome and they have caught nearly everything now. Bronzies and Makos caught TODAY!!! and last week as well. It's all happening now!

Shane Wedrowicz and myself hit Welshpool last Saturday after work. We got on the mark at about 5:30pm. Shanes rod buckled over in the first 20 seconds, i hadnt ebven threaded the line through the guides yet. The first one took a whole bonito fillet from one of the little jelly bean tuna i see in the shop as surf shark baits. I used the other half and about 2 minutes later i had my first snapper on board. The first snapper were quality but no record breakers and weighed about 4Kg each. But the the fishing got interesting, over the next hour, we caught 11 snapper, it was unbelievable, we threw them all back except for one that swallowed both hooks down deep and was bleeding at the gills, but the rest were all released. The biggest measured 88cm and there was probably about 3 that were all around that 88cm mark and the rest were 80cm plus. Unbelievable fishing.... every fish except for one was on a running sinker rig with either 8/0 or 7/0 Gamakastu hooks. 12oz and 16 oz sinkers and a mixture of baits. Squid flaps from a heap of squid i had caught a week earlier cut into nice neat triangles caught about 6 snapper. The rest were on bonito and filleted or whole silver whiting. We had a high tide at 8:30pm. We oinly fished from 6:00pm to 7:30pm and was back at the ramp at 8:00pm. So you can work out what part of the tide was the go from those numbers. Not sure what the biggest fished weighed but i would say anywhere from 7 to 8kg.
Michael Armstrong has been putting in the effort at Port Welshpool lately. He has been mainly fishing the entrance anywhere from shallower 13m into deeper water back near Singapore Deep in 24m. His snapper have all been early morning on sunrise but the gummies and flatties have been at anytime of day. To fish the deeper sections of singapore deep, he has been targeting the last 1.5 hours of the tide where the current has eased enough to anchor and to fish slightly smaller sinkers. Here's one of his most recent pics.
Mr Wedrowicz caught this massive snapper 1 week ago. It was 92cm and wasn't weighed but at 92cm its gonna be heavy! caught on a running sinker rig, 12oz lead, Silver whiting fillet an 8/0 Gamakastsu Ocy hooks!
"A quick fish after work on Tuesday in Hurricane winds i landed this good gummy and a 4kg snapper as well in the Toora Channel. The tide change was late at around 11:00pm and i landed this at about 9:30 and the snapper 2 minutes later. It was so windy we had to fish the Lewis for whiting first until there was enough water to cross the flats to get into the Toora so we wouldnt die! Lucky enough the wind eased as it got later so we could fish there. Got 5 whiting in the Lewis as well, so went home with a bit of a feed."
Hane Jackson caught this big Calamari early morning at Welshpool on aYamashita Live squid jig size 3.0. One of 10 that we got early morning a few Mondays ago before work! Was during the slack high water!
We did something different 2 weeks ago. Shane Jackson and myself headed out offshore to try these micro jigs that are all the rage now. I grabbed a Storm Gomoku Red rod off the shelf and an old Ambassadeur baitcaster reel i had in the shed and spooled it up with 20lb sunline PE Braid. I grabbed a handful of Storm Koika Micro jigs from the shop and we headed out. We fished in 22m of water on the drift early morning. It didn't take long to find the pinkies, they were thick and hungry. Took me about 15 minutes to work out how too use them. Basically you do nothing with them. You just drop the jigs to the bottom and drift them pretty much, dropping them back to the bottom when your drift pulls them up too far into the water column. Maybe the odd half turn of the handle here and there but that's it. Anyways we ended up with 10 pinkies to 40cm as well as a heap of wrasse and snook. I was amazed and am now addicted to these things. I used a 60g koika jig in 22m. I might have to use an 80g in deeper water i think. Not sure yet! After Xmas, its the first thing on my agenda!
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