Report 13/1/17

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Report 13/1/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:34 pm

With the hot weather over the last week the mangrove jacks have been making a regular appearance down the Gold Coast estuaries. Fishing late afternoon into the night seems to be providing best results for the bait fishers out there. Live mullet or herring are the go for large jacks. Focus on likely ambush locations like bridges or the ends of rock walls for better results.

If you want to throw lures smaller hard-bodied lures like the Jackall squirrel or OSP Dunks seem to be getting more consistent results. Super early in the morning will see you getting better quality fish, as they are still moving around hunting. As the sun gets higher focus on pontoons and under overhanging trees where the jacks can seek refuge away form the sun.

The bass in Wivenhoe Dam have been a little slow at the moment but the yellow belly have made up for it and are providing entertainment for anglers heading to the dam. Focus on steeper rocky banks and point as this give the yellow belly somewhere to ambush prey. Trolling deep diving lures like the Halco Poltergeist 8m divers around the points is a great method for searching out new areas. If you want to cast and retrieve lures hopping Jackall Tn50 and Tn60s worked well for us through the week picking up a handful of quality fish over that 50cm mark.

Bull sharks have continued to be a favourite target species at the moment and with this heat they are defiantly on the chew. There are plenty of land based location to target these sports fish. Jindalee and Indooroopilly boat ramps offer some areas cast a few lines out. Further up the river Kookaburra Park, Goodna and the Junction are all hot spots. The go to bait is freshwater eel. This can be purchased from Charlton’s Fishing. The biggest tip I can offer the first time shark catcher is keeping it simple. Medium heavy rod, coated wire trace and a 7/0 circle hook are all you need. No balloons or sinkers to worry about. We have caught heaps of sharks on this rig in the river and there are fewer things to go wrong.

Hope everyone can get amongst the fish this weekend.

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