Report 12/1/17

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Report 12/1/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:23 pm

We are right in that prime fishing time where you can catch nearly any species available to our waters. Let recap whats happened over the past 3 weeks. A huge run of snapper at Corner Inlet for starters. The Snapper went absolutely crazy just before Xmas and New years. The interesting thing about this season was how well the entrance fished for snapper. In fact, there weren't too many caught anywhere else.. basically most of the big reds have been caught between Singapore deep and buoy 2 in the entrance. The run out tide also has been the main feeding time it seems with mid tide fishing extremely well, yes=t hard to fish and we sold a tonne of 16oz sinkers and anglers were even putting 2x 16oz sinkers on there rigs to hold bottom in the heavy currant in the deep water. In saying this, there was a fair share of large reds caught on the run in tide, especially if this coincided with first and last light.

In bigger news, and my favorite news, the king fish have turned up. There's no need to go offshore, there is plenty in the Lewis channel at the moment (plenty caught yesterday) and they are being caught by anglers either targeting them specifically by trolling squid up and down the channel until they find them, or by anglers who are lucky no ugh to have a school of Kings bust up around them in which they have been using stick baits and large soft plastics to catch them. There are lots of mixed sizes around with the usual 59cm models present in good numbers however there are some crackers up around the 75cm to 80cm mark inside. They are inside Port Albert as well and plenty of whiting anglers have been catching them as bi-catch near the basket beacon or have seen them bust up or chase up there whiting.

There been a couple of Mako sharks caught now offshore and plenty of Blue Sharks as well. the pinky reefs are fishing very well with stacks of pinkies in close to rabbit island and further out on the footy ovals to 45cm. Ive spoken tom plenty of customers who have been micro jigging or them as well an some anglers have done incredibly well landing some real quality snapper between 4 and 6kg on micro jigs offshore from Port Albert. With a few reports of the odd blue fin tuna being caught around Wilson prom as well, you really could catch anything at the moment.

Connor O'Neil landed this thumping big snapper weighing in at 21 pounds 9oz. They fished the entrance at Port welshpool in over 30 meters of water. The fish bit during the last half of the run out tide. You need big sinkers for this style of fishing as the tide rips hard usually. The fish took a squid head.

Rodney Gillam had a fantastic session on the snapper fishing the run out tide further out near Bouy 2 where he landed his bag of snapper in the late afternoon.

PJ with a good sized Blue Shark caught out wide from welshpool when chasing makos on the weekend. Theres been a few of these big guys around lately.

Shane Jackson fished early morning last week at welshpool and found a school of kingies busting up in the lewis channel. He caught 10 all up by 7:00am then they disapeared. He caught them on stickbaits and 5" and 7" Zman soft plastics. Most were just undersized at 59cm with a couple of 67cm models thrown in.

Braten caught these good snapper to 6kg in the entrance at Welshpool and then headed offshore to drift for flatties where he caught plenty.

Port Albert
Luke Lorrens has been fishing Port Albert and smashing the whiting. All fish have been caught on pippi and they are between 38cm and 42cm in length.

Taite Crosby with a cracking flathead measuring over 60cm caught at Port Albert while chasing whiting and gummies.

Gavin Jones with a massive gummy shark caught offshore from Port Albert. It weighed 20kg and was caught on fresh slimy mackeral fillets. Theres heaps of slimies our wide at the minute.

Mark Ramsey with a nice pinky snapper caught on a zman motoroil grubz at Port Albert in 1.5m of water while chasing flathead. He also got around 20 big flathead for the day.

McLoughlin's Beach
Peter Warner with a massive flathead caught on soft plastic in the shallows at Mcloughlins beach Inlet
Shane Wedrowicz and Andrew Wright with a nice feed of gummy caught at Golden beach after dark.
Andrew Ketaller has been puting in the hard yards to catch a Gippsland Jewfish and he finally got it owner the weekend. The mulloway was caught on a tailor fillet after midnight, An amazing catch and a top effort.

My young bloke ryder caught this bass off the bank at Lake Glenmaggie on the weekend. The fish was caught on a Tiemco soft shell cicada lure just slowly twitched so that the wings flapped on the water in the same spot.

I went to Blue Rock on the last public holiday with Clint Stanistreet. It was a terrible day blowing a gale and raining and cold. I didn't see any bass on the surface but i managed to catch 3 small ones on berkley pumpkinseed soft plastic cast into snags in the little arms full of trees. We were plagued with redfin, we caught about 50 reddies. very annoying. This place needs another half a million bass stocked in it to try and take care of the redfin i reckon.

Dilan Shaw with a nice local stream trout caught on a mapso spinner, The creeks are still fishing well for trout even in this hot weather.

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