Report 10/5/17

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Report 10/5/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri May 19, 2017 11:08 am

We have seen some great fishing over the last fortnight with some big cod being landed and big bags of trout and Redfin caught.

We say goodbye to a local fisherman also, Ray Keen passed away after his Fight with cancer. Ray loved his fishing but always noted that the company was always better. A true gentleman that always put a smile on your face and made you laugh every time you saw him. Condolences to the family, he's no doubt up there fishing away!

Just a side note,
We will be closed Mondays from now on until the end of winter. Bait, some lures and tackle will be available through the Caltex service station next door.

Lake Eildon:
65.40% down 0.19% this week.
Fishing: 8.5/10.
Many locals have ventured to Eildon over the last fortnight with great results. Trout are prevalent over the goughs side of the lake while the Redfin and yellas are still playing the game over the Delatite side. Trolling for trout has been the go with flatlining and leadcore the best method. Pink and white tassies have been the best colours:
The clown #4, harlequin #39, pink panther #55, pink bomber #82, bleeding flaming #117, bleeding pearl #125, kg special #127 and PP phosphorous pearl have all been great colours. Goughs Bay Area around to the wall seems to be the most popular and successful area. On Sunday we had our best success on pink panther, bleeding pearl and kg special. The trout are in great condition, it's great to see them not silver slender torpedos at the moment. The Redfin are still on the go, tree hopping is still the best way to get onto them. Worms and frozen shrimp have been the best baits while blades casted around the trees have also caught some fish. A few anglers have been catching yellas on bait slowly winding up the trees or every minute or so winding up a few meters and letting it sit until , sort of like a stop start gulping method.

Lake Dartmouth:
78.02% down 0.03% this week
Fishing: 8/10.
The trout are up and about at dart with all forms of fishing catching fish. Trolling surface, leadcore and downrigging have all been successful. Best colours at the moment are:
Red nose brown bomber #48, Christmas tree #51, pretty fish #63, pink bomber #82, cutthroat #118, smashing pumpkin #126, holographic #holo, and Canberra killer #y82. Your fluorescent colours are doing well on the surface and on leadcore while the more natural darker colours are working well on the downrigger. Attractors and worms/mudeye/gudgeon have also been good through the day. Loftys are handy while trolling with attractors as their action picks up quicker at a slower speed. On the hardbody scene Bullet lures in gudgeon and rainbow trout have been a great alternative to winged lures. Also the predatek micro min in rainbow and brown trout have seen success recently. From reports the main basin/8 mile area is all you need to fish as most are bagging out in this area.

Lake Nillahcootie:
78.08% down 0.74% this week.
Fishing: 4/10.
Well nillah just didn't produce the way it did this time last year. Could have been a few thing but the biggest factor has been the the lake is just under 80% now but last year it was around 30%. Anyways there has been a few cod and yellas been caught using shrimp and worms from both the bank and amongst the trees. Nothing big from reports but better than nothing. Trollers are really putting in the hard yards to Produce anything of size most anglers are targeting 8-14ft along the opposite side of the lake to the boat ramp. Codgers, stumpys and spinnerbaits the only thing I have heard that have had any success.

Jan and asha competed in the pro series on the weekend for one meter long cod and a lot of fish around 55cm. A variety of methods were used like surface, casting spinnerbaits and hardbodies and lipless. Shallow water produced the most fish. A few locals have been fishing around bundalong both on the troll and baitfishing. Oar-gees, ac invaders and stumpys in red/black has been good. Bardi's have been good if your lucky enough to still have some and yabbies haven't been bad either.

We fished waranga a fortnight ago for around 100 redfin. We trolled a few in 12-15ft of water but we saw a lot of fish busting up in the shallows. We had most success in 1-2m of water with all our 30cm+ fish coming from the shallows. Light blades, Bullet lures and the austackle Sakana all preformed well on the cast. Water clarity was around 2ft and it's currently sitting around 50%

William hovel has gone up 1% and if it continues to rise it a good opportunity to catch some trout that come onto the newly covered ground for a feed. Worms are by far the best bait. Keep and eye on it and if it goes up 5-10% in a few weeks it the time to go.

Buffalo continues to fish well for redfin. Not so many fish are coming from the bank anglers but the anglers fishing from a boat that are tying up to trees near the riverbed are getting some of the lakes larger Redfin. Worms and shrimp are great baits and white blades and plastics work well. One angler reported catching a 51cm cod trolling and it had a white soft plastic pinned in his mouth. So if you have been up there recently and been busted off on a white plastic it's a fair chance it was this cod!

Benalla Bait & Tackle
191 Bridge St
Benalla, Victoria
Ph: (03) 5762 3704

Top left: Jake had a cracking trip up to Dart with 15 landed and the biggest brown went 50cm (darker coloured trout picture)
Top right: Wresty smacked this lovely 53cm brown from Eildon.
Middle left: Asha and Jan competed in the central Vic pro series round at Mul. Asha smacked this metery off the surface during the comp.
Middle right: BJ caught this 43cm Redfin around Bonnie doon on worms.
Bottom left: Myself with a 51cm brown from Eildon.
Bottom right: Fitchy with a healthy brown caught trolling a tassie at eildon.

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