Report 5/6/17

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Report 5/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:30 am

Cold winds from the south have greeted us through the week bringing in some nice blue water but unfortunately sounding the end of our pelagic season. Snapper have been on the bite out a little wider off Grassy and Scotts with a few Sampson Fish, Tuskys and Pearl Perch. There were a few reports from the Cod Grounds that they were harder to find last week. Off the Jail Bonito were in fair numbers with a few Morwong and pan size Snapper out a little wider. Fish Rock has been holding a few better Kings this week and should start to fire up over the next few weeks.

Blackfish numbers are still down along the Wall and in the Creek but there is the odd one for a feed during the early stages of their season. Kings are still cruising the up and down the Break Wall with the tides chasing the Mullet with fisho’s getting their attention with Bonito. Bream are in good numbers in the river while Flathead have been a little harder to find in the clearing water. One or two Jews have been caught towards the mouth of the river.

Off the beaches Smoky has loads of Dart with the odd Bream, Tailor and Whiting. Back Beach has some nice Flathead near the Creek entrance with White Bait working well.

Winter is here and the good news it’s usually a very productive time to be on the water.

Take care on the bars

Paul Martin

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