Report 6/10/17

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Report 6/10/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:13 pm

You can certainly tell the difference when we get consistent good weather, with plenty of anglers about last weekend and plenty of fish caught.

- Fort Courage is drawing anglers to that area with good numbers of yellas getting caught on most baits and and few on lures.
- Wayne Turner sent me some photos of yellas that we bagged out with ranging from 37 to 50cm,that were caught on a green lure with black spots.
- The Wemen area is producing yellas up to 51cm on small yabbies,shrimp and scrubworms fished close to the bank.
- Anglers at Boundary Bend landed some good size yellas over the long weekend on most baits.
- Here at Swan Hill anglers are still picking up some quality yellas on yabbies and scrubworms between the bridge and Brooks Lane.
- One of this weeks photo is of a 63cm yella that was landed on a very small yabby at Gonn Crossing(near Murrabit) last weekend-thats one big yella for the river!!!

- The river in the Kyalite area is still producing some nice yellas on worms and shrimp,Dick Reynolds sent me a photo of a 54cm yella weighing 3.5kg caught near the bridge on a worm.
- The river is also producing good size yellas near the Wakool township.

- A couple of anglers had great success fishing with floats in the back waters with worms and shrimp at the Kyalite reserves.They also said that little bait yabbies were on the move catching them in their shrimp nets.

- There have been reports of large yellas taking scrubworms,with some anglers just using splitt shot for weight.

FLOOD LANE(3rd Reedy Lake)
- Anglers have been picking up a few yellas using bibless vibes,but it has'nt fired up yet like it usually does.

- There is fresh water running into Lake Boga at the moment so that should fire things up soon.
- The Kerang Football club Redfin Classic held at Lake Charm is on in a couple of weeks and with the warmer weather being more consistent,the reddies should start to come on the bite.
- No word form Kangaroo so far this week,but it would still be worth a try.

- Dick Reynolds 54cm yella from Kyalite.
- The 63cm yella from Gonn Crossing.
- And before anyone says "why are you posting a pic of a cod when it is out of season" well young Charlie Henry caught her first cod during the week at the Big caravan park,so I told her that I would post her picture on my site to mark the occasion!

JC's Bait & Tackle
488 Campbell St
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