Report 19/10/17

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Report 19/10/17

Post by subeditor » Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:07 pm

Marlin season is well on the way with some great captures being reported. The run of small fish on the inside grounds has quietened down but there are still enough to make a trip out chasing them worth while if you only have a small boat. I had reports last weekend of a couple of boats catching a couple each. In relation to the big numbers caught earlier in the year that doesn’t sound like many but is still the sort of numbers that you would expect on a normal year. Look for the bait schools and work them over well before moving on. There will be bycatch of Mackerel, Tuna, and good numbers of Cobia when you are chasing around the bait schools. I have even had one customer drop a live bait on a school of bait only to turn up a quality Large Mouth Nannygai so anything is possible. The marlin fleet have had a brilliant start to the heavy tackle season with many 1000lb plus fish being caught and released. Lots of small Marlin followed by great numbers of Giants, isn’t that what Cairns should be seen as. Obviously the Marlin are not here for no reason. The amount of bait is the attraction and along with this are the other species that we love to chase. Dolphinfish, Wahoo, Mackerel and the various Tuna’s are also showing up around the bait schools and will keep you busy for a while nor a long time if you choose to target them. The down side is the numbers of Sharks around this year. With very few exceptions all our local fishers have been decimated by the numbers of Big Sharks this year with some boats not getting one prime eating fish to the boat. They don’t seem to worry the lesser species. My best advice here is to up anchor and move a fair way at speed so they don’t just follow along. Hopefully the wind will drop and we will all get out best of luck…..REMEMBER THE REEF FIN FISH CLOSURES ARE OCTOBER 17 TO OCTOBER 21 INCLUSIVE NOVEMBER 15 TO NOVEMBER 19 INCLUSIVE
The inshore areas are likewise fishing well due to the quantity of bait about. Wrecks and Rubble patches inside the reef line have been fishing well for Pelagic and Demersal species. From the bottom the Red species like Large and Small Mouth Nannygai along with Coral Trout have taken lures and baits with great gusto at times. Vibe type lures seem to be the flavour with the fish at the moment. Making sure you have enough weight to get you down to the bottom without a big belly in the line is vital in keeping in touch with the lure to feel the bite which can be very gentle at times and easily missed. Hooks on many of the Vibes may need to be up graded with stronger trebles or maybe inline singles have been popular as well. Braid’s lack of stretch improves the feel and keeping it light will help getting bites hence more fish. Any bait jigged up and sent back alive will be quickly dispatched around these areas, with fresh cut bait a close second. As you get closer to the coast the old favourite Finger Mark (Golden Snapper) become more prominent in the catches and this isn’t a bad thing because they are one of the fish I love to catch (and eat). Live Squid is head and shoulders above any other bait you care to use but if they are not available live Sardines or Herring will do the job, or anything live for that matter. Again Vibe lures or Soft Plastics fished on a jig head heavy enough to get you down to the bottom yet still let the lure work. The warmer water is starting to get the Barra on the bite and it only needs some Northerly winds to get the Salmon biting again. What a great time of year.
The small showers that we had recently have had a positive effect on the freshwater fishing with an increase in activity due either to the rain or the warming of conditions in local waterways. Those traveling to their favourite Barra locations will be welcoming the warming weather. That is unless you travel to the gulf which closed their Barra season on the 7 October so don’t plan a Barra trip over there. East coast including areas like Lakefield National Park and the coastal areas will also close at the end of this month for the 3 month breeding season so no Barra unless they are in Tinaroo Dam. The warmer weather will have the Sooty Grunter getting amorous and on the bite. This is a great time to walk some of the fresh water reaches of our local rivers with a light backpack and rod and reel for a lure session on the Sooty Light spin outfits with a handful of lures and you are in action. Top water early and late in the day and swimming lures as the sun gets up. Work on the theory that if you can see them they can see you. Which means bright clothes loud noise and heavy movement around the fishing area will surely make the fishing much less productive. Again remember it is breeding season and release carefully the fish you are not going to eat straight away as they do not keep well for eating.

At 41.5% capacity at this time of year there is plenty of concern that it is going to be very grim come Xmas if we don’t get some serious rain in the catchment area pretty soon. That being said the fishing has been fairly firing along with plenty of big fish being caught and released. Multi catch sessions on meter plus fish have been quite common. As the water level continues to shrink the available area for these fish gets smaller and they are easier to find. The down side to this is that not only will we lose a lot of fish if it continues to fall but the ones that are being caught are of poor table quality and are best released to hopefully give another angler a heart attack and adrenalin rush. We are getting close to the annual Tinaroo Barra Bash which is on 3, 4, 5 November so now is the time to prepare and get everything ready. That doesn’t just mean fishing tackle. It also includes all your safety gear in the boat, camping permits if required and Impoundment Fishing Permit which will be checked at some time during the weekend you can be sure. This is a great weekend for the family and should not be missed, start planning. The low water level will expose stumps and rocks that we haven’t seen for a long time so care and some common sense boating will be required to have a safe trip.

Now is the time to head up to Tinaroo Dam for a fish. The Bash is on the 3 -5 November and with the water level falling the temperature is coming up and the fish are biting. Those of you who don’t have access to a boat the fishing from shore is certainly well worth the effort. Very early in the morning running up to Dawn and from sunset onwards to late are not only the most comfortable conditions weather wise but also the most productive. Large lures fished fairly slowly up over the shallows and even top water are the easiest for the fish to locate. Fish areas that have flats bordered by deeper water. The fish will go deep during the daytime and up on the flats at night to feed and that is where they are most active and feeding.

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