Report 25/10/17

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Report 25/10/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:08 pm

Current discharge: 449 ML per day.
Water level 25/10/17: 59.6 %
Current inflow: 809 ML per day.
Water level 11/10/17: 58.9%
Water visibility: 2 metres
Forecast Weather: 10-20mm of rain is forecast for mid-week. Weekend temps to reach 28 degrees C with possible
showers. winds up to 14 kmh.
New Moon = Oct 20th Full Moon = Nov 4th Water Temperature: 19.5-22 deg C

Murray Cod: Closed season

Yellow belly: Big fish have been a plenty during the past 2 weeks. The water temps have reached 20 degrees C
across most of the dam. The reports have also come in from all over. The methods of catching the fish as also been
varied. Swanny from Goulburn caught 15 fish over the weekend while rolling gulp grubs up the timber. All the fish
measured over 50cm. Kieran from Cootamundra, the previous weekend, using the same method caught 18 fish the
biggest measured in at 57cm. Steve Exton from Wagga 18 fish, biggest 59cm combination of Stucky’s and Jackals.
The WWAI fishing club measured in 49 fish for the weekend, the biggest was 59 cm with the average length of the
entire catch at a massive 52 cms. The most productive lure was a Stucky accounting for 9 fish, a copper Jackall TN65
landed 7 fish. The rest of the catch were made up of Ac invaders and Oargee Wee Pees. I managed to get out myself
on Saturday and we put 4 yellows in the boat late afternoon, also on Jackals and mask vibes. The midday bite was
quiet. I took my son Henry & friend Kirt for a fish on Monday and landed only 1 yellow however managed to find a
patch of redfin, (See Below). Talking to the fisherman and from my own outings the fish are certainly not on the bite
all day but are coming on and off the bite, you just need to be on the water when the fish decide its time.

Redfin: I did manage to locate a school on Monday not far from where I trolled up a couple of beauties a couple of
weeks back. The biggest fish measured in at 34 cm but there were about 12 of the 26 we caught that were close to
the same size with maybe 2 that measured below 20cm. The fish were sitting on a solitary stump in 7 to 8 metres of
water and we had to hold the boat over the stump with the anchor lock, 5 metres either way and we caught nothing.
We went to the light fishing gear with small weighted plastic minnows. (picture attached) We went back to the same
spot Tuesday, the weather was cooler, the wind was up and the clouds were overhead. Not a bite. That’s fishing.

Park News: Fires are still permitted this weekend after once again getting rain. This weekend may be the last chance
for a campfire at Burrinjuck. The shop is out of wood so you will need to bring your own.
On a serious note: I arrived back at the park on Tuesday after fishing & noticed an opera house style net on the
foreshore. The trap was not tied and may have floated in. The trap contained a redfin used as bait and 5 dead
turtles. The openings in the trap were large enough for these quiet large turtles to gain access however they had all
drowned. Opera house nets are banned East of the Newell Highway. The traps when used in permitted waters, must
have a round metal ring at the entrance no bigger than 90 mm. This trap did not & this allowed the turtles to enter
the trap.

Upcoming Events: The Canberra Fisherman’s Club, 43rd ANSA Convention. Staged at the park on the 3rd, 4th,5th
November 2017. This is a catered event. More information at //

Burrinjuck Waters.
Dean Brind
Manager IWHP Burrinjuck Waters
Ph: 02 62278114


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