Report 3/11/17

Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park
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Report 3/11/17

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:40 pm

Current discharge: 449 ML per day.
Water level 01/11/17: 59.6 %
Current inflow: 809 ML per day.
Water level 25/10/17: 59.6%
Water visibility: 2 metres

Forecast Weather: Weekend temps to reach a top of 22 degrees C & a low of 7 deg C with possible showers Sunday. winds up to 12 kmh.
Rain to date for 2017 = 579.3mm, Average to this date = 869mm, To this date in 2016 = 1274.6mm
Full Moon = Nov 4th New Moon = Nov 18th Water Temperature: 19.5-22 deg C

Murray Cod: Closed season

Yellow belly: The fishing remained good over most of the past week with the yellows coming on and off the bite throughout the day. The low pressure and cold front arrived with the wind on Monday shutting down the fishing. Happy to say the barometer is pushing back up over 1020 for the weekend. The size of the fish being caught has stayed well up. A 59cm specimen caught by the Albury boys Trevor, Leo & Shane on the troll was the largest on the catch sheet this week. Darren & Josh have written down 15 yellows, main basin on blades. You don’t hear of that too much at Burrinjuck. I have had some success on the ZX blades, you need to pick your casting area as they are usually hoped along the bottom with very light line, thus you can lose a few lures amongst the rocks. A lot of guys are having great success with the plastic grubs. These are generally fished vertically through the timber. They are targeting trees in water 10 metres plus. The fish may not be holding that deep but the grubs are generally dropped to the bottom and wound back up slowly. Much like the bait fisherman, you may have to move around a few trees to find the fish.
Redfin: The fishing remained consistent over the weekend before the cold front arrived Monday morning to shut the fishing down. I spoke to a couple at the cleaning table on Sunday. They were cleaning some large redfin with the biggest measuring in at 40 cm. They estimated they caught 150 Redfin for the day all around the same tree. I believe they were fishing upstream of the Junction using soft plastics. There was also another report from Trevor, Leo & Shane, from Albury they trolled up a dozen or so fish around the 30 cm, Bennett McGrath lures Main Basin.

Park News: Fires are still permitted this weekend after once again getting rain. This weekend may be the last chance for a campfire at Burrinjuck. The shop is out of wood so you will need to bring your own.

Upcoming Events: The Canberra Fisherman’s Club, 43rd ANSA Convention. Staged at the park on the 3rd, 4th,5th November 2017. This is a catered event. More information at // We have 1 Ensuite cabin remaining for the weekend after a late cancelation, plenty of camping available if you’re thinking of coming for a fish. The Canberra guys run raffles Friday & Saturday night as well as Sunday lunchtime. All are welcome to buy a few tickets for a chance to win some great prizes.

Burrinjuck Waters.
Dean Brind
Manager IWHP Burrinjuck Waters
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