Report 9/11/17

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Report 9/11/17

Post by subeditor » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:25 pm

Coucom’s Crabpots and Fishing Gear

Over the past 2 weeks there have been a lot of good reports from our loyal fishermen heading out and reporting back, It is pleasing to hear some many good reports coming in from people fishing in Keppel bay and close in reefs.
Let’s talk about offshore and around the islands:
Offshore fishing over the last 2 weeks has been great with plenty of trout, nannyghia, red throat and red emperor being caught, we have also had a lot of fishermen reporting plenty of spanish mackerel , cobia and grunter (Barred Javlin) with plenty of fishermen bagging out on some goodsize fish around the 70cm mark. Please remember we have the second and last coral fin fish closure for 2017 which starts on the 15th and runs to the 19th November.
Let’s talk about the creeks and estuaries:
Since the last report I am happy to report that there have been a lot of whiting, bream and grunter caught in the estuaries, there are still a lot of barramundi and king salmon being caught and all the barramundi should have been returned. Remember there is a closed season on barramundi at the moment, you should not be targeting barramundi. Now for details on fishing any of these estuaries and surrounding areas and maps and tide charts call into the shop in Yeppoon and pickup this information and also pick our brain as we are as local as you can get with close to 60years experience of fishing around here.
Let’s talk about the beach fishing:
With the winds easing and no netting along the beaches we have found that beach fishing around the Capricon coast has improved with most fishermen returning with a good feed of fish. There have been good reports coming in from those that fished long beach to Farnborough and nine mile beaches with plenty of good whiting flathead and bream caught along these beaches, off the headlands there have been mackerel and barramundi caught.
Let talk about crabbing:
We have a lot of people come into the shop looking for information on crabbing and crabpots, there have been an increased interest in crabbing in the past weeks due to some good reorts that the crabs are in. At the shop we mainly sell Coucom’s Crabpots and have only just started selling some cheaper pots for those not wanting to buy quality crabpots. All of our crabpot are made to be turtle friendly crabpot to meet the reponsably crabbing guidline of the Queensland fisheries. Because there are so many crabs being caught we ask that you look after our crabbing stocks,and as we so often say please check them as there are a lot of soft shelled crabs arouund. We find that the best bait is mullet or fish frame or if you can get any roo tail this is the best, it is advisable to stay away from pork, chicken and dog and cat food.
Let’s Talk about I CRAB:
I CRAB is our brand name and in conjunction with the Yeppoon Rotary club we run the I CRAB Classic to help raise funds for the Yeppoon SES and Capricorn Helicopter Rescue, I am pleased to say the dates for the 2018 will be the 1st ,2nd ,3rd June. There will be a boat up for grabs for this competition, and remember it is the closest weight to the selected mystery weights set by a person prior to the competition.
Now there will be a lot of you out there wondering what I CRAB is, it has been set up to teach people to crab the right way, already we are teaching student at 2 schools in this area the right way to crab and look after of crabbing for the future. We have run 2 I CRAB Classics and have given funds to Rescue helicopter, SES, and we are organising the next I CRAB Classic to be held in June 2018. If you would like to know more like us on the I CRAB facebook page and we will help you out. Monies from I CRAB products goes toward the teaching of crabbing the right way, for our kids and new commers to the sport.

Happy hunting till next time
Alan Coucom

Coucom’s Crabpots and Fishing Gear
Phone: 07 49302301

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