Report 20/11/17

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Report 20/11/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:43 am

I haven’t got a lot to report this week except that there are some very big whiting in the lower reaches around Goat Island, Chambers Island and all associated sand banks. But you won’t take a feed home unless you are prepared to move about and find them.
Once again, I fished the runout tide a few days before the Nov New moon. With a high tide prediction of 7am I allowed 3 hours before the sand banks had uncovered enough for the soldier crabs to start working. As you all know by now if you are a regular reader, soldier crabs are my preferred bait for big whiting or for that matter all whiting. The crabs still weren’t out by 10am where I usually get them, so I pumped a few yabbies and went to see if I could catch a couple of whiting while waiting for the soldier crabs to come out (this happens quite often).

When I pulled up at spot X, I could see a little patch of crabs just starting to work on the bank next to me, so I quickly grabbed enough for a session. As it turned out, I ended up releasing the yabbies without using one of them for bait. The dirty water colour from the heavy rain in early October has just about finished. Unfortunately, this means that those real big whiting will start to work their way back upstream till the next deluge washes them back down again. However, there are still some quality fish to be taken in the lower reaches.
I thought I was doing well, when I landed a couple of nice whiting around the 35cm mark in the first melon hole I tried. There was a lot of floating weed fowling the hook, so I lifted the anchor and drifted to the next lot of melon holes and bingo, I was into a good fish straight away. It pulled out a fair bit of line and performed every trick in the book to get off the hook, but eventually I boated a 38cm beauty. I thought I had hit the jackpot.

I caught another couple of smaller whiting before it went quiet again. I moved twice, but could not find a fish, so I moved back upstream to where I had originally started fishing. While flicking the bait soft plastic style, something grabbed it and took off. This one gave me heaps. It twisted, turned, bucked and shook its head and tried every trick in the book to throw the hook. Eventually I landed a 40cm arm slapper whiting – I really had hit the jackpot this time. All the bigger fish had swallowed the hook deep into the gut – so they were very hungry. I finished up with 8 whiting and a flathead to 45cm which I released. The biggest whiting was thin for its length because it had already released its eggs – which made me feel a bit better. I had to keep clearing my hook and sinker from weed the whole time I was fishing.

One thing I did notice was the amount of bait fish in the river right now. All around Goat Island there are acres of herring working. This might be a good thing for the flathead fisho’s or it might be bad because they will be too full to be bothered taking a bait. I noticed the other morning as I went over one of the Mooloolaba river bridges on my push bike that the Mooloolah river is full of herring also.
Anyhow I reckon there is plenty of action to be had in the Maroochy right now, no matter what species you target. If you want to share some of your fishing adventures or photos. Please feel free to email me on any time.

Good Luck, Mal McKinlay


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