Report 30/11/17

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Report 30/11/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:40 pm

It's been a bassy sort of week here in the Shoalhaven and there has been plenty bitting in the brackish parts of the Shoalhaven River along with some big EP'S mixed in amongst them. From Crams Rock near the bottom of Longreach right up to Grady's is worth a look with the estuary perch predominantley in those lower sections. For the canoe and kayak fisho's the canoe portage ramp on the southern side of the river near Saltwater Creek is a great spot to launch an afternoon assault on the bass with some awsome water not to far from the launching area. Here there are weed beds and snags you can work with mid divers and spinnerbaits whilst awaiting that last hour of light so you can tie on your soft shell cicada or something similar and hopefully have one of those awsome surface sessions you speak of in days to follow!

I received a pic this week from Reece Christian of a nice little kingfish he caught in the lower Shoalhaven River whilst fishing for jew. The river is both healthy and plentiful of bait especially if these guys are inhabiting it. The Canal has a few jew up to around the 10kg mark for the lure fisho's throwing the Samaki Vibalicious soft vibe lures.

It looks as though a few people took notice last week about the snapper in close, because this week ive had plenty of reports of reds being caught right in close. Some times you can travel too far and drive right over the top of the fish. As your heading out keep an eye on your sounder for bait schools. It does'nt take much to pull up and either float a bait down or work the area with a soft bait which you should have pre rigged and ready to go anyway! And hey if you don't get a fish you've only lost a few minutes fishing time from where you were heading anyway.

The flatty grounds along Seven Mile Beach and out of Jervis Bay are both producing plenty of fish. These are still one of my all time favourite fish to eat and are a pretty good species if you are looking to get the wife and kids used to being offshore and into a bit of fishing.

In Lake Wullumbulla it sounds as though the prawns have slowed a little with the moon coming up again but it im assuming it won't be long until they are once again running and being caught by every man and his dog. You will stil get enough for a feed now but may have to work a little harder.

Lets not write off the weekend weather yet, I know they are predicting some pretty ordinary stuff coming through but it does sometimes have a habit of going either north or south and missing us. Although we do despiratley need the rain but just not all in one or two dumps.

Enjoy your coming week of fishing and we will catch up again next week. Or see you in-store for some of our awsome bargains wich are now availible in our Christmas catalogue, both diving and fishing.

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The ever-consistent Brizo shows why he won the local snapper comp between a few mates.

Reece Christian with his Kingfish from the Shoalhaven/Crookhaven system he caught whilst fishing for jewfish!
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Ronny Hartland with a 40+cm bass plucked from the surface after dark from the areas mentioned in this report.
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